Sunday, June 27, 2021

Make A Wish Foundation To Restrict Wishes If Child Not Vaccinated


Winston Churchill at Westminster College in the Show Me State
Warned of a Soviet Iron Curtain descending on Eastern Europe with no gates
People could not get out and ideas from the west could not penetrate
An Iron Curtain is the perfect image of new barriers that for Americans await
The pandemic has been used by the state to lock down residents and businesses close
Basic freedoms for Americans like exercise of religion have been hit with crushing blows
Travel on planes, trains and buses limited to those wearing a mask
Ditto for entry in shops and grocery stores to perform shopping tasks
Now with vaccines out and vaccination rates approaching 50 percent
Rules on wearing masks more and more businesses have chosen to relent
But now the idea of pressure to get vaccinated is getting traction
Pervasive pressure just as effective as compelling legal action
Want to enroll in an Ivy League School you need to accept the vaccine needle
Want to see Springsteen on Broadway need proof of vaccine or entrance you cannot wheedle
Soon if you want to come back to work you will need proof of receiving the vaccine
Ditto to board a cruise ship to enjoy the island ports of call scenes
Still a debate over whether the young children will have to take the vaccine the state wants to peddle
But do not be surprised in parents’ decisions the nanny state on vaccines will want to meddle
Make a Wish Foundation that gives dying kids that ray of hope
While with their deadly disease they and their parents struggle to cope
Strict restrictions on wishes being granted if they have not had the vaccine
For a dying child and his suffering parents and siblings a rule so very cruel and mean

While w/their deadly disease they & their parents try 2 cope
Strict restrictions on wishes being granted if no vaccine
4 a dying child & his grieving parents & siblings a rule so very cruel & mean

© June 27, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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