Friday, June 25, 2021

The Dumber They Are The Quicker The Racist Card They Toss Pity The Mental Lack Of Rep Norcross


Our government can barely function and issues resolve

Blues at the drop of a hat on any issue hurling racist cards dissolve

Critical Race Theory is causing great division in our nation

Yet parents who oppose it in schools to young kids face leftist condemnation

Sadly Martin Luther King, Jr. is not alive and must be rolling in his grave

He spent his whole life trying to the principle of judging by one's character not skin color save

CRT brainwashes children that blacks are oppressed and whites are oppressors

Guilty only not because of their acts but because of the color of their skin

Destroys blacks' initiatives teaching them since oppressed they are not able to any part of the American Dream win

No part of America seems to be from this divisive curse immune

From the military, to schools, to entertainment, sports and Congressional Hearing Rooms

When Red Bob Good was on CRT questioning the Education Department boss

Blue Rep Norcross lacking rational response and debate could only the racist card toss

Calling someone a racist is the most overworked word and its too frequent use is totally wrong

Ends debate faster than pulling a contestant off the stage by hitting the gong!

 © June 25,  2021 The Alaskanpoet

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