Friday, June 11, 2021

Asked by Univision on Her Trip to Our Southern Border--a Snap and the Harris Defensive Chuckle Again


When faced with a question Harris can’t answer with her leftist slant
To conceal her ineptness her answer is to chuckle and go into mode riant
After her “fact finding” trip to Guatemala she faced a friendly reporter from Univision
Whose question the answer we all want to know was met with her laughing derision
After deflecting to parrot she was in Guatemala to learn why migrants there no longer want to stay
Her answer proved that she did not listen to what the Guatemalan President had to say
In his mind people are fleeing north because Biden’s acts assure there will be an open border
I.C.E is handcuffed to deport and their rights to housing, aid, income will be protected by court order
The head of the country felt that her root cause answer did not make the list
Not satisfied with her answer that she would go to border, reporter chose to persist
Would not let Harris off the hook and demanded to know when?
Harris snapped back and the Harris defense chuckle we heard once again
Harris proves the Peter Principle is still alive and well
We are in a world of hurt if before the 2024 elections, Biden’s growing dementia tolls the 25th Amendment bell.
In Mexico where the reason for the surge of non Mexican aliens is also clear
Ending Trump policies to have asylum seekers remain in Mexico is a reality she did not want to hear

© June 11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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