Friday, June 11, 2021

Black Suspect Fired First and Then Was Shot With Body Cam Suspect Will Not Prevail and Should Be For Attempted Murder Be If Convicted If Spending a Lot of Years in Jailt mufonody pect sSusp


Police need two layers of protection when they are on duty in public
Where the Thin Blue Line is becoming thinner and a lot less thick
First is the bullet proof vest to save them when into their bodies
a felon’s bullets slam
The second is a fully activated  functioning body cam
That creates a visual record of a police encounter or attempted arrest
When regardless of the truth a black suspect will police use of excessive force suggest
A body cam video in Chicago showed Chicago cops following a suspect of a shooting who would not stop
Would not show his hand and suddenly with a gun shot and tried to two cops drop
He hit both with not fatal wounds and they then fired back
But here the civilian was a black
Only a question of hours or less before BLM will be filling the streets
Not in peaceful protest but another attempt to law and order defeat
Claiming that another black was shot by unnecessary force
The video will show the black shooting first which should defuse another BLM inspired riot from running its destructive course
Fortunately the black’s wound was not fatal so a settlement would not be huge
Chicago thanks to the body cam video will escape an abuse of force lawsuits surge.

© June  11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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