Monday, June 28, 2021

Meena Harris Like So Many Political Office Holder Relatives Trying To Ride Aunt Harris' Coattails


Meena Harris who wants so bad to ride the coattails of her VP aunt
Defends the teaching of CRT in an idiotic rant
She appears clueless that Black History is and should be taught
Ignores the fact that CRT is not history but a racist slant full of rot
CRT seeks to rewrite and airbrush our history with a systematic racism view
That all whites are oppressors even at a very early age and should their guilt rue
That all blacks are oppressed which explains why they cannot succeed
A death blow to individual initiative to excuse failure if that siren call they heed
So far removed from the ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr who wanted judgments based not on color of one’s skin
But the content of one’s character to determine who should the goals of life win
Across this nation parents, both white and of color, are up in arms
Against the teaching of CRT to young kids they justly believe will cause great harm
Jimmy Carter was cursed with his brother Billy trying to capitalize with Billy’s Beer
An undisclosed lobbyist for Khadafi who was trying to terrorists rear
LBJ had his brother Sam who drank too much to loosen his lips
Had to have Secret Service follow him to insure confidential material did not from him slip
George H.W. and George W. were cursed with a son and brother Neil
Insider trading, quid pro quo board seats and Silverado S&L which failed and taken over by feds in a $1 billion bailout deal
So Meena stands in dubious company of relatives trying to parlay family ties into big bucks
Best if she faded away and her rants on teaching CRT into the trash chucks

© June 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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