Thursday, June 17, 2021

Chris Cuomo Mocked Big Time For Claim He Is Not Biased


Chris Cuomo has an ego that is off the charts
His leftist bias never ends and is so quick to start
He must believe his cack bias does not smell
Now finally to viewers becoming a much harder sell
Threw down the gauntlet on Twitter for someone to find bias “Tik Tok”
The tweets came in a flood to his claim of non-bias mock
The list was brutal and the list was long
Proof positive that this “pseudo journalist” on the air does not belong
On Bro Andrew’s nursing home death wave not a single peep
Priority COVID-19 testing for him when morgues filling up with coffins stacked deep
Any stories on corruption with Russians, Chinese or Ukraine by Hunter Biden
Never to see the light of day to protect Joe as the scandals would widen
Urging everyone from his basement to follow the lockdown rules
Then caught on camera biking breaking quarantine looking like a bullying fool
Advising his brother to on his sexual harassment scandals tout
To claim that charges were right wing conspiracies to the claims rout
Pushing the roorback of a Florida “whistleblower” claim
That DeSantis was hiding deaths so he could reopen when CV not tamed
Chis Cuomo’s objectivity cupboard is totally bare
Since Trump is gone with false news claims viewers he can no longer snare
Always trounced by Fox News year to date almost a million viewers less
To be expected when blatant bias he cannot suppress

© June 17, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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