Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Was Star-Kist Rejected Charlie the Tuna Find His Way Into Subway's Foot Long "Tuna Fish" Sandwiches?


It is almost like the Star-Kist Ads rejecting Charlie the Tuna déjà vu
But the people of Subway seem to have forgotten or chose not to view
Charlie the Tuna was a lovable fish
Always trying to be accepted by Star-Kist in their tuna dishes
The response to Charlie’s pleas was always the same
“Sorry Charlie” as Star-Kist believed Charlie did not pass Star-Kist’s acclaim
Subway with its “tuna fish” sandwiches that are a foot long
Is being sued that real tuna does not in them belong
“Tuna fish” samples tested in a lab can find no Tuna DNA
Latest victim of biting the consumer fraud hook may be Subway
Plant based protein with the likes of Beyond Meat are here to stay
But at least consumers know it’s not beef when at checkout they pay
Genetically altered King Salmon are being sent by AquaBio Tech to diners’ plates
But it’s still King Salmon with noted change that a diner’s fork await
Pollock seasoned to taste like crab or shrimp is labeled to so inform
But if Subway was passing of fish concoctions as tuna, its credibility has been shorn
In an era or recalls and consumer protection Caveat Emptor sadly still reigns
Hope if guilty of fraud a large judgment and fine to future fraud restrain
When sitting down to enjoy a meal
We must demand what we are eating cannot be concealed
© June 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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