Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Harris in Guatemala Oblivious to Root Causes of the Border Crisis--Biden's Illegal Aliens Policies


Where’s Waldo must not believe that actions speak louder than words
Must think Guatemalans will obey her “Don’t Come” which is absurd
60,000 illegals have already been released into the interior without even court dates
The message  is not don’t come but rather if you get here deportation will not be your fate
Harris believes that the root cause of migration is climate change, corruption and economic opportunity lack
When even the President of Guatemala states  Biden’s policies will not cause illegal migration to slack
Rather the surge of illegals is a foreseen consequence of Biden’s polices that ended Trump’s border sealing efforts that worked
With the cartels in the human trafficking and smuggling game while Harris has her head in the sand and any attempt to stem the flow she shirks
In her mind marking time to be able to the 25th Amendment to invoke
No way will she do anything to secure the border-- only platitudes to hear when she spoke
Harris like most Blues in power believes that illegals will become citizens and vote Blue
That whites are declining in percentages and as such the Reds chances of winning are through
Safe bet is that if there is the slightest chance that illegals might not vote Blue but Red
The border would be sealed and the only way an alien could get in would be wait in line instead
Harris not wanting to see the chaos and misery inflicted on border residents
As a result of crime, human trafficking, drugs, and social costs that a secure border would prevent
Shows that when it comes to caring for our citizens adversely affected she could care less
 With her MSM lackeys fawning over Biden, stories of a border crisis will be deemed racist and suppressed.

© June 8, 2021 The Alaskanpoet   

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