Sunday, June 20, 2021

Fentanyl Surge Across Border Accept Collateral Damage to Blues for New Illegal Aliens Blue Voters


To the Blues bent of planting new voters in the U.S. for their party
The first crisis on the border is when illegals are caught and become deportees
The second crisis is that not enough illegal future voters are coming across
To insure in their mind enough new Blue voters to prevent any future loss
To them American security and prosperity sold down the river
Is acceptable collateral damage as elites are immune if more Blue votes to deliver
But what the Blues fail to understand
Is that with the open border for illegals, a wave of deadly drugs is flooding this land
Fentanyl use and resulting deaths are at all time high
Border Patrol swamped by illegals stretched to the limits cannot the fentanyl wave deny
Have not seen the age distribution of fentanyl and opioid deaths from OD’s
But suspect many are young adult victims of the drug reaper’s killing spree
Will the Blues’ lightbulb on a need for a secure border turn on
When they realize that many of their existing voters are ODing and going to Forest Lawn?
Sadly, then and only then may these leftists who worship the god of ends justify the means
Might come to their senses and from open borders to welcome illegals finally be weaned.© June 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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