Saturday, June 26, 2021

25th Removal of Biden Would Lead to a Harris Replacement Disaster


There may be always many Americans who with a president’s policies disagree
But on the world stage where politics are supposed to end at water’s we want him to achieve victory
Blues should wish and just as so should Reds
That the signs of dementia are not taking over his head
Too many missed names and lapses of coherent thought
Hard to believe not a worsening case of mental rot
Wilson who had a stroke and evidence of his failing hidden by Edith his wife
Had a competent Vice President Marshall who without a 25th did not want to be involved in a competency evaluation strife
We now have a procedure to remove a president who for mental of physical conditions can no longer the duties of his or her office perform
As Biden seems to further mentally fade away how long to wait before from his office he is shorn?
A real Hobson’s choice to replace a president with a quickening fade
With a VP who is clearly incapable of on being a president receiving a passing grade
This poet prays that Jill can be an Edith and Biden’s powers by a 2022 election curtailed
With a strong Red leadership in House and Senate to push policies that in dealing with our foes have not failed
A suboptimal solution driven because the VP as a president would be a disaster
Not enough time for her biased mind to even attempt to the needed skills  master

June 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet


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