Wednesday, June 2, 2021

For Fauci Hold the Crow to Eat and Pass the Bats


Normally when a politician with false or wrong statements the public trying to snow
The proper charge to the liar caught red handed is to eat crow
Emails leaked from and to Fauci on virus leak from lab dismissed as a conspiracy show
What would be the appropriate meal for Fauci to eat instead of crow?
Since our esteemed doctor bought the Chinese origin  myth hook, line and sinker
Took the Chinese at their word on transmission turned off his scientific questioning thinker
Praised WHO and the Wuhan Lab for their protocols
Largely silent when worldwide demands for investigations the Chinese hindered and stalled
So over 600,000 Americans paid the ultimate price, dying ventilated and isolated
While the virus spread havoc in nursing homes and our economy devastated
Enabled Biden to campaign from a basement bunker and his fading acuities conceal
MSM, social media and the DNC made the pandemic Trump’s Achilles Heel
Fauci pored freezing water on the idea we would have a vaccine any time soon
About as likely as being able before year end to return and land on the Moon
Sen. Paul has raised concerns that thanks to Fauci taxpayer money went to Wuhan Lab

For prohibited viral research that may have altered the virus to leave humans in the lurch

So in Fauci’s case, hold the crow and bring on the bats on which to cram into his face
The right karma as with all the delays the Chinese will have all evidence of culpability long since erased.


© June 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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