Sunday, June 20, 2021

Chris Rufo Slams Joyless Reid on Critical Race Theory But Refuses to Have Him on Her Show To Debate


The resistance to Critical Race Theory is growing by leaps and bounds                                                The idea that children are to be taught they are oppressed or oppressors is unsound
To the left, attacking Critical Race Theory is evidence that racism has pervasively taken root
That anyone who attacks CRT on TV or Social Media deserves to be given the boot
Chris Rufo a journalist and filmmaker has attacked CRT with a vengeance
So much that Joyless Reid has, to has attacks,  taken great offense
Attacked him ad hominem by name several times
Must think him to be a part of the great right wing slime
Rufo has thrown down the gauntlet to appear on her show
He rightfully believes he will destroy her and her inanity to her viewers try to snow
Reid probably feels on Critical Race Theory, he is right
Dismisses his “White Man Demands” to avoid a debate fight
We still need progress on racial issues to be made
But lumping all whites into the same false systematic racist grade
Will do nothing to solve our growing national divide
A slam on those young whites who risked life and limb on the Freedom Rides
If Reid has any sort of integrity and spine
She should invite him and give him debating time
© June 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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