Monday, June 28, 2021

Gwen Berry To Fight For Victims Of Systematic Racism Must Look Blue Leaders Who Don't Seem to Care Over Wave of Black on Black Shootingsf Sto If WheOf


The third place hammer thrower at the Olympic Trials Gwen Berry
Wants to be the champion of those blacks who from “systematic racism” have been buried
Blacks may have been victims of fatal systematic racism in the past but now
It’s not from police actions but from Blue leaders who are clueless on how
To curb the rising deadly tidal wave
Of black on black shootings that are sending too many innocents to early graves
Look at Chicago which has to have the dubious distinction of the being the systematic racism poster child
Of a deadly stream all too common  black on black shootings running amok, running wild
In 2021 through last Sunday 1916 have been shot and 326 have died
82.6% of the victims shot have been black and 13 % have been brown
Only 13 whites and 2 Asians have been shot down
Too many shootings remained unsolved so we do not know the shooter’s race
But of those we do know, 27 are black, 5 are brown and only 2 have a white face
There is systematic racism in Chicago because the Blue leaders when blacks are gunned down like dogs
Seem not to care or rise up in anger to try to end the carnage recorded daily on police logs
If the numbers were reversed and 4.3% were black and brown and the rest white
The city would be in an uproar, the National Guard deployed in force and martial law closing the city down early in the nights
Gwen Berry may have an admirable goal to end ”systematic racism” but she needs to open her eyes
Lynchings of blacks by whites have long since ceased but  black on black shootings keep occurring daily before our very eyes.
© June 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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