Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Brenda Sheridan Head of Loudin County School Board Doubles Down of Teaching CRT


Brenda Sheridan, the head of the Loudin County School Board, seems hell bent to push CRT
Despite a very large number of parents who seem to vehemently disagree
CRT’s core tenet is that whites are oppressors and blacks are oppressed
A teaching that to judge based on color of skin if MLK were alive today would have suppressed
Parents not wanting their young kids to have the label oppressor in them drilled
Want the ill-advised teaching of Critical Race Theory to their kids be killed
10,000 plus parents have signed petitions to demand that the teaching end
But Sheridan and her fellow members seem oblivious to the growing anti-CRT trend
She belittles parents who object, slamming them for the dog whistle politics
Then when more and more parents voice objections she shuts down meeting and on them sheriff deputies sic
Calls parents who disagree with equity training and CRT by exercising rights of free speech
Like rioters who have the temerity to question her iron hand the peace trying to breach
Delusionally thinks they were elected not to kids educate 
But to force feed them the inanities of CRT now filling their plates
She and her leftist board members need to be replaced by election or better yet recall
Bad enough the kids’ education they destroy to go along with the 1st they choose to maul

© June 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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