Friday, June 18, 2021

Harris Still MIA at Border--Put Fire Out Now Don't Let House Burn to Ground and Sift Through Ashes To Find Root Cause


When it comes to the border chaos and surge Harris remains MIA
Must think that finding the “root causes” justifies keeping her from the border away
She touts that illegals are fleeing due the Blue mantra of climate change,  poverty, corruption, and crime
Events other than climate change countries to the south have been suffering from for a very long time
With record numbers of illegals crossing the problem demands action in immediate short term
Like calling the fire department when you smell smoke and your house starts to burn
You don’t hold the call until the house burns to the ground to sift then through the ashes to discover the root cause
An analogy on point that shows Harris’ stated justification is totally flawed
In her capacity as California AG  in 2011, she visited the border at Calexico to see a cartel drug smuggling tunnel
Where unseen illegal drugs the cartels could into the our nation death and ruin from drugs funnel
In 2014 she visited San Ysidro Point of Entry to learn how to bottlenecks to commerce decrease
Both years in which the number of illegals crossing have been dwarfed by the Biden rescinding Trump policies increase
Her real reasons that should incur all Americans’ wrath
Is she wants the new Blue voters and not any speed bumps on the 25th Amendment Oval Office path
Go to the border now with open ears and eyes

Complete the wall and restore Trump policies that a tidal wave of illegals crossing denied

© June 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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