Saturday, June 26, 2021

Do Sister Towers Collapse in Twos Like WTC North and South Towers


On 9/11 the disaster was a deadly 1 2 punch combo
North Tower hit 1st weakening the South so when then hit down it had 2 go Soon followed by the North adding 2 the blizzard of ash like snow
Neither building was designed 2 B hit by a fully fueled 747 blow
Champlain Towers consisted of 2 sister towers The South collapsed due 2 structural weakness’ & gravity’s power
The search 4 more survivors so far is coming up in 0's Despite valiant efforts of the 1st responders-our true heroes
The search 4 reasons 4 the collapse has now just begun As a nation seeing the photos of the collapse must B stunned  And residents of the North Tower still standing must fear
Built like the South in 1981 when does their sense of safety disappear? Not a building engineer so don't know how or if a collapse is easy 2 foresee But a scene of 12 stories of rubble as one’s view may cry out this tower is not safe 4 me North Tower residents may want 2 sell w/a collapsed tower next door who will buy? Saving grace may B insurance & building inspection reports that occupancy will deny Andrew changed Miami building codes 4 the better & this disaster will the certification process modify No longer will a tower remain unexamined for 40 years before the owners have 2 go 2 the city 2 recertify If that occurs then the number of deaths sure 2 increase will not have died in vain Still 2 the loved ones of the dead so hard 4 mere mortals 2 God's plan and will explain © June 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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