Monday, June 14, 2021

Rather Than Push for a Low Salt Diet Blues Push for Raising the Cap Along With a Wealth Tax


It’s common knowledge that a high salt diet is not healthy and can lead to strokes
But a high SALT diet is what Blue states turn to as their spending plans render them broke
A resident of a high SALT state is now with a two punch hit
Over $10,000 in SALT and excess not deducted which is causing major fits
Blues in high SALT states are pushing for removal of SALT cap
As more and more of the wealthy are running their farewell laps
The pandemic which brought many businesses to near ruin
The silver lining was workers could work at home with Zoom
The light bulbs were soon quick to turn on in many minds
If you can work at home, you can work at home in another state and leave high SALT behind
The census confirmed and high SALT states will lose in the next Congress seats
As people do the math of cost of living and high SALT they will vote with their feet
The Blue response is as useless as one should suspect
The idea of cutting back on spending 2o quick to reject
Their solution is to eliminate the cap and failing that raise it by leaps and bounds
Cannot fathom cuts in spending as in their mind such cuts would be unsound
To recover revenue from raising the SALT caps
A “one time” tax on wealth to $500 billion in revenue tap
Refreshing to see Blues who demand soaking the super rich
To propose a SALT cap removal so wallets of the wealthy will be enriched
© June 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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