Thursday, June 24, 2021

Tree Spiking Nominee By Biden to BLM Wants Us To Ape Chana's Former 2 Kids Only Policy


The light bulbs thanks to COVID-19 should be turning on and making it clear
China is not our friend but an existential threat that even Biden with a snared son should fear
China has 24/7 engaged in unfair trade practices and massive IP theft seeking to become number 1
Their long term plan to supplant us on the world stage has long since begun
In dealing with the Soviet Union we never tried to use exchange and the power of open trade
To their quest for world domination to seek somehow to degrade
No we outspent them multiple dollars to their rubles and on political and economic front fought them tooth and nail
With an economy completely dependent on oil, in that Cold War conflict they were doomed to fail
It is perhaps becoming clearer that COVID-19 may have been engineered before it from the Wuhan Lab leaked
A blueprint given to China on how to turn a robust strongest economy in the world to one devasted and weak
With a cost to China of less than 5,000 dead from a population of well over a billion souls
China was able to cripple the U.S. economy, increase our debt and remove a president to succeed in its goals
So now Biden’s tree spiking nominee to head BLM
Wants us to like the Chines in the past limit kids to two to follow them
Make us more like Japan with an aging population less able to work
Another reason to support Blues open border policies that have gone berserk
© June 24, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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