Wednesday, June 30, 2021

How Long of Shedding Viewers Due to Fake News Do MSM Elites Face Pick Slips? Soon For These Biased Goons


As a nation we are so much better off when we have a free, open and objective press
Not one with advocacy as their creed and any news harmful to the Blues suppress
For 4 years Trump and his Reds had endured a war of false news by commission and omission
After the election CNN and MSNBC were jumping for joy for accomplishing their defeat Trump mission
Objective journalism and factual reporting for 4 years they dishonored
But with Trump out of Oval Office they are proud to wear the Dump Trump badge of honor
They have become blind to the view they are all one trick ponies
That the news they report is viewed as slanted and phony
Now the sins of fake news are coming home top roost
As viewers of CNN and MSNBC are massively being reduced
The rogues gallery of bias like Stelter, Cuomo, Tapper, Anderson and Morning Joe
Are sweating blood over how much lower can their ratings go
Like someone with a really bad case of dandruff
MSM is shedding viewers on “fake news” clicking and saying enough
Sponsors of shows with viewers fleeing in an increasing horde
Are going to demand reduced costs or another program with higher ratings to come aboard
Not sure when the contracts of the MSM elites start to expire
But with falling ratings not if but when pink slips instead of rehires

© June 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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