Thursday, June 24, 2021

Omar Falsely Ranting Crenshaw's District Mostly White When Her White Percentage Exceeds His--What a Liar


My mother used to tell me when I was coming of age
Try to find some good in people you dislike even as against you they rage
Sometimes that undertaking is very hard to do
But worked well as only a rare person is disagreeable through and through
Illan Omar a refugee plucked by the U.S. out of a squalid refugee camp
Heads my Blue scorn list as her anti-American hatred rants are stamped
Listening to my mother’s voices from my cranial memory bank
Applying it to Omar’s inane rants I come to her advice thank
Omar is like a stuck record playing the same tune
Words are false not disguised and designed to bring us down in ruin
So reading the Twitter snits from her on Crenshaw’s crushing of her voter suppression attack
It is clear that when it comes to any shred of honesty she completely lacks
Attacks Crenshaw because he is in a district mostly white
Once again looking at the facts she loses this fight
Omar’s District is 62.7% White Non-Hispanic and Crenshaw’s percent is 46.3
When it comes to Whiteness, sure looks like she is the winner to me
Even if we lump White Hispanics in with the Whites, Omar’s percent is 67.3
Crenshaw back at 66 and Omar true to form continues her losing spree
In dealing with a one trick pony there is only one thing that you know will come out of her head
That the foundations this nation was built on are removed and all Israelis will soon be dead

© June 24, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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