Monday, June 21, 2021

Mayor Bottoms Not Running For Reelection But Blames Everyone Else For Atlanta Crime Surge


The Mayor of Atlanta has been appropriately named
Bottoms fits her skill and competence location level as her surname
And Lance fits to describe her Quixote tool to place on others blame
As Atlanta was hit with riots and buildings went up in flames
Fortunately this divisive incompetent mayor has called in quits
Will not run for reelection but could not resist a blaming parting snit
Atlanta like many Blue run cities has seen murders and shootings climb during the pandemic season
2020 murders hit historic highs and continue today but Bottoms has found the reason
Blames Kemp for opening up Georgia too soon to attract those from neighboring closed states
As to her role as mayor of Atlanta and having responsibility in her mind is not open to debate
Atlanta for almost a year prohibited police from chasing suspects who tried to flee
A good chance that many who escaped would later be involved in wave of shooting sprees
Kemp acted to augment police with those from the state
To increase arrests and not see them abate
The only people who should be sad to see Bottoms leave
Will be the felons of Atlanta who will be pressed harder to their crimes achieve

© June 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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