Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Wrong and with Too Many Flip Flops Time for Fauci to Go?


It sadly seems that the institutions we as a people used to trust
Are crumbling into the dust
Our free press was once the envy of the world protected by the first
Now battered by fake news and the advocacy journalism it daily thirsts
Our Congress used to be the People’s House and the place of great debates
Now rent asunder by gridlock and partisanship, it is at best third rate
Our FBI was revered and admired as the best of the best
Now politicized and fails the blind eyes of justice test
Our military once put politics out of its mind
Focused on our security to keep us out of dangerous binds
Even our churches have been hit with molestation scandals
Making the spiritual needs of the faithful much harder to handle
Even our judges seem no longer blind
To the political views of those who appointed them they bind
Sadly another institutions we all thought we could look up to the CDC
Has strayed from its charge to protect us from disease with political bias to see
Faced with an epidemic almost as deadly as the Spanish Flu
Changing rules and guidance as flip flops on what the public needed as distrust grew
Fauci became the COVID-19 Czar the arbiter of what had to be done
Governors followed his advice shutting down economy losing the gains in three years we had won
Schools closed even when risk of transmission so rare
Masks then double masks then masks only inside the shifting advice hard to bear
Worse Fauci praised the Wuhan Labs and the WHO
Bought off on the Wet Lab origin which now seems to be a Chinese job of snow
Reds are now demanding Fauci be axed
Hopefully soon enough for the CDC to regain the esteem it has lost and now lacks
With the left looking to the pandemic to destroy Trumps trump, a hard lesson to be learned
With pandemic killing economy Trump’s Achilles heel , science politicized to crash and burn

© May 25, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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