Sunday, May 23, 2021

Brian Williams Fired From NBC For Lying Now Claims Cruz Is a Russian Propagandist


Brian Williams of MSNBC formerly a fired news anchor at  NBC
Has long ago sold his journalistic objectivity
Now at MSNBC he does not even in the slightest try
To his role as a puppet journalist for the DNC deny
A Biden fawner with not a shred of shame
His actions the craft of true journalists completely defame
Lied like a rug about being in a Chinook shot down in Afghanistan
Even leftist NBC could no longer have him as an anchor of its biased band
A Biden fawner to his very core, he bemoaned the truncated attendance for his SOTUS event
Now his latest is an inane claim Cruz is Russian propagandist angry vent
Cruz attacked an Army recruiting video as cancel culture woke
In comparison to a Russian one with images of courage and bravery to evoke
Reaching out to the LGBT community may serve the inclusive need
But what if we need brave and courageous souls who are willing in harm’s way to die and bleed
Most believe that members of the LGBT community would their country defend
But a recruitment ad should reasons and satisfaction for soldiering try to convey and send
Cruz is not without his faults but implying he is a Putin puppet by Williams is insane
But typical to expect from a now “pseudo” journalist with a corrupted biased brain.

© May 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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