Monday, May 24, 2021

Don Lemon Changes Name of Show and Ratings Still Dive


Whether Don Lemon pronounces his name to rhyme with “pawn”
So appropriate for a poet as his ratings are sinking faster than a burial at Forest Lawn
Or if he pronounces like the yellow citrus fruit
Viewers are still giving his show the channel clicking boot
Like the maligned to avoid like the plague lemon car
His show is like the lemon that sputters out of the lot to break down before going far
Since no more Trump in Oval Office, his ratings  continue to take a dive
Leading all to wonder how long this biased pseudo journalist can survive
He tried to improve ratings by changing his show’s name
But as might be expected given his bias the result was the same
“CNN Tonight” has been changed to “Don Lemon Tonight”
Viewers then fell by 17 percent falling further out of sight
With the new name viewers must think all they will get is Don
Will with his bias be put to sleep trying to stifle yawns
Not sure his sponsors’ ad rates or how much salary he earns
But as his ratings continue to crash and burn
Sponsors in search of customers will demand rate cuts or leave
And CNN if it has a brain which is questionable from his job Lemon will be relieved

© May 24, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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