Monday, May 10, 2021

Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Is Another Wakeup Call We Must Respond To.

Rob from the rich and give some to those in dire need
May have worked for Robin Hood but a wakeup call for more cybersecurity to heed
But not in today’s world where ransomware is a computer crime
With its latest victim fuel transporter Colonial Pipeline
FBI has identified the culprits known as DarkSide that has caused a massive pipeline shutdown
Revealing once again how computer system’s safety against hacking is still so very unsound
Documents hacked from 80 companies on their website
Formed in August of 2020 to exercise their cyberhacking might
Like the Capones during the Prohibition Era that gave to the Catholic Church
The DarkSide gives some of its ransomware to charities to justify the damage to consumers without fuel to be left in the lurch
Not sure if our vaunted FBI is worthy of the task to future cyberattacks prevent
Maybe time to reach out to our Big Giants to cease censoring and to the FBI have their top cybersecurity engineers be sent
Time to review our statutes to see what changes need to occur
Such that such hackers if caught a swift death penalty be assure

May 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet 

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