Saturday, May 1, 2021

Blue Wave Was a Flop More Dangerous Orange Wave in Newsom's California Is Not


In 2020 Pelosi was touting that the election would be a Blue Wave
Biden would win, larger House majority, the filibuster in Senate, Reds could no longer save
One out of three as Biden with his basement campaign and mental fade won
But in the House not a Blue Wave but progress to regain majority by Reds had begun
In the Senate a 50/50 split with Where’s Waldo as the winning vote
But with a surging border crisis causing complains by Blues, Biden’s progressive agenda may be remote
But Americans, Red or Blue should be concerned about another wave
The color often Orange worn by prisoners soon to be released who may be sending some of us to early graves
Gavin Newsom now facing recall will soon be releasing 76,000 prisoners into society back
Not just nonviolent or white collar crimes but thousands with convictions for violent attacks
Increasing the credit for good time  behavior behind prison walls from 1/5 to 1/3
Like a thief in the night in near secret with little public input heard
To make matters worse, while the Orange Wave is flooding into our cities and towns
We are having to endure the Defund the Police pushed by a bunch of protected leftist clowns
Citizens to face more released felons with less police on the streets
Add assault on right to bear arms and our safety goes down in flames, down in defeat
But another group of losers who will pay a steep bad karma toll
Will be the prison guards union’s whose electing Blues was a major funding goal
As prisons will close and those open will have smaller numbers to guard
Their unions will have less dues to donate to Blues as many officers will soon be getting their pink slip cards
© May 1, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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