Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Tapper the Icon Pseudo Journalism Bias to Ban Reds From His Show Due to Bias


When it comes to biased pseudo “journalists” Tapper takes the cake
Touting he should ban Reds because of their lies which will  be his major mistake
The stench from the pro Blue bias that reeks from Tapper
Reminds us all that like turds in a toilet we should flush the crapper
Hard to believe his statement that two parties for the country are best
When he cannot his bias and lack of objectivity tainting his reports he cannot arrest
Tapper represents the worse bookends of bias
As he attacks Reds and Trump and praises Biden in a manner so pious
Bias by omission with the sounds of silence never to faults of the Blues reveal
He fails by commission as a journalist in his “facts” that his biased falsehoods try to conceal
His ratings must be falling each and every day
Wonder when his ad sponsors begin going away
Such that when it becomes time to his contract renew
Slashed salary or better yet a pink slip for this bias Blue
We do need two parties but CNN and MSM keeps throwing up road blocks
As they Reds they with 24/7 ad hominem venom always mock
© May 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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