Saturday, May 29, 2021

On Memorial Day Save Our Military From Wokes


Anyone who thinks the military lusts for war has it completely wrong
Any idea that war is a glorious pursuit is an idea that does not belong
Ask any military leader why we spend so much money on our military forces
And the answer will be for strength to deter any foe from following a Martian course
Wars too often start because one side is perceived as weak
An easy opponent from whom any goals the stronger side seeks
Or wars too often start due to false perceptions of response the other side will take
How many times have wars started when the invader made the mistake?
Misjudged the size of the opposing force or willingness to fight rather than cede
Hitler had he known of ability of the Russians to make tanks or how many divisions they could put in the field
Would have shelved his Barbarossa plans and to his quest for Lebensraum not yield
Nor would he having misjudged the capacity of America to produce arms and for its values fight
Rashly declared war on us to insure in less than 3 ½ years be totally destroyed by American might
Today from the left our military is being exposed to a danger worse than any budget cuts
That the strength of its deterrence will be by woke slamming its ability to fight be shut
The woke from the left may want to avoid war but its focus on “systematic racism” and “white supremacy” to divide us not unite
Will leave us with a military well trained in critical race theory, transgender equality and cancel culture but unable to fight
We face existential threats from the Chinese and even Putin trying to the glory of the Soviet Union restore
Who must believe that we are being internally gutted by Wokes’ belief the nation’s values we must cancel and ignore
On this Memorial Day it is time to rise up and united tell the Wokes
We reject your demands and ideas and we commit to having them revoked
© May 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet


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