Thursday, May 13, 2021

Elementary School Teacher Won't Enter Classroom to Teach Kindergarten But Can Fly to Mexico For Son's Wedding


In California our teachers could not care less about the education of our kids
Giving outraged parents during the teachers union’s hostage taking a reason to it rid
Despite all evidence that transmission from and to elementary school kids is extremely rare
The teachers unions have deigned teachers as a class apart from most workers exempt from even that low risk to share
They have fought from day one  ferociously  tooth and nail
In person learning ended--kids’ futures stacking the deck to fail
When it comes to in person classroom learning one half of our kids are out of luck
Thanks to the unions’ massive donations to Newsom and his Blues, the will of the people they can ignore and buck
Barbara McIntyre a Contra Costa kindergarten teacher who uses only Zoom
Since early on in the pandemic has not seen the inside of her class room
But is heading off to Mexico to see her son wed
Concerns of being infected there she seems to have shed
Mexico  with over 211,000 deaths and a 10.4% closed cases mortality rate is far from an oasis safe from the COVID-19 pandemic
The teacher’s leaving is yet another example of the union’s callous disregard for kids which is systemic
She of course will be taking time off from her duties being the mother of the groom
To impose more suffering on her kindergarten class by from Mexico using Zoom.

© May 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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