Sunday, May 23, 2021

Phil Mickelson Wins As the Oldest Player to Win the PGA Championship


In today’s fitter health conscious climate 50 is the new 40 or maybe in Phil’s case
In his golf aging is something that is very easy to erase
Today with a 6 under Mickelson won Major number six
A never ending supply when needed of approaches and birdies in his bag of tricks
On Saturday his approach shots were like iron to a magnet drawn
Too many birdie putts died inches from the hole or too fast nicked edge and moved on
But all those years in tournaments and on the practice tees
From Phil not a sense of frustration or rattling did we see
Started with a one stroke lead that went to four
Then back to two and he would need all 18 to close the door
Sunday more of the same but putts more likely to drop
Any attempt by followers to pass only a few strokes back he stopped
Winning today by him sent to his fans a clear sign to expect a delay
Months and years before in the Seniors Tour he will need to start to play
He may be sinister with his left hand rule
But misnamed for he was a gracious winner quite cool
For those of us hackers in our 60’s and 70’s a ray of hope
Golf is a game of muscle memory which the years make it easier for bad lies to cope
© May 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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