Saturday, May 15, 2021

Blues Cannot Let Go of Shutdown Powers Even If Fully Vaccinated


During the pandemic we often hear the cry
“We are going have to on the science rely”
Too often it was not the science but the agenda of a governing Blue
As the number of cases and deaths on a steady rate grew
Shutdown restaurants, lock downs,  shut down events, classrooms closed
All to try to stop the pandemic while a once thriving economy hose
Like sheep we listened as Fauci as the expert daily intoned
Sporting venues, casinos, resorts, travel and those who could worked at home
We are all in this together unless you were a ruling Blue
No shutdowns for me, diners and fine wines at French Laundry and shut downs for you
No matter how hard Trump worked to get a vaccine from the Blues we heard the cry
Any vaccine developed during Trump putting needles into their arms they would defy
Warp speed prevailed and vaccines came on line
But for Trump’s chance for reelection he ran out of time
After many a flip flop that made many doubt the CDC one could believe
Finally an edict that fully vaccinated could appear without masks and safety from infection achieve
But before we shed masks and rely on an honor system from the those without vaccines
The CDC still demands children even if vaccinated wear a mask
If allowed to be in school to restart their educational tasks
If children have almost zero chance of being infected or the virus spread
When adults vaccinate don’t have to wear masks why do children have to instead?
Worse Blues like Cuomo who is scandal central and really should quit
Will not release state mask mandate to distract attention from fact he is unfit

© May 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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