Sunday, May 30, 2021

Special Election in New Mexico May Show Attacking the Police May Have Legs


On Tuesday in New Mexico we may see whether the defund the police chickens are coming home to roost
In a special election Red Moore hopes his opponent’s anti policing stand will give his candidacy a winning boost
Albuquerque’s murder rate is up 75 percent through April of this year
Giving citizens of Albuquerque another reason to fear
In the era of the leftist mantra to defund the police
Current budget has 18.4 % cut in dollars the police being released
Melanie Stansbury, a Libertarian who will probably with Blues caucus
Has the advantage of district being Blue but being tagged with supporting Breathe Act may ape the fate of Dukakis
Voters after two weeks of early voting go to the polls on the 2nd of June
With crime rising off the charts and Stansbury viewed as anti-police will her election chances be ruined?
Regardless of who wins in 2022 the defund the police cry will be a major spin
While once again a chance of ending partisan rancor and gridlock tossed in trash bin

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