Saturday, May 29, 2021

Making a Fool Out Herself at Annapolis Where's Waldo in an Inane Memorial Day Clueless Tweet


When it comes to empathy for mere mortals’ reality Where’s Waldo is without a clue
Any question about that statement her Memorial Day Weekend Tweet just view
A smiling picture to as 25th Amendment President hang on Oval Office wall
With a message that seems so out of place and her so very removed and small
“Enjoy the long weekend” just 4 words
Consistent with the Woke that to honor sacrifices of vets is absurd
Harris must have been asleep assuming in our woke school system it was taught
Or too busy condemning imagined systematic racism rot
Forgot or never learned that Memorial Day is so much more than a long weekend
Rather is it to honor those who have served and died to insure our freedoms did not end
Ridiculed with her joke on carrying solar panels before the midshipmen threw hats into the air
Her sense of patriotism and sacrifice cupboard must be bare
God help us that a senile, demented president so frail
He hid in a bunker hiding his agenda from the campaign trail
Chose this most leftist senator to be his number two
If he is replaced her remaining years until 2024 we will intensely rue.

© May 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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