Monday, May 17, 2021

Harry Clueless on First and Probably Under Spell of Woke Meghan Says First "Is Bonkers" --Mentally Deranged


To some extent one should have to feel some sense of pity for Prince Harry
He probably had no idea of when the allure of sex and beauty wore off the kind of woman he chose to marry
Meghan’s escapades after marriage and a royal title must have dulled for him her sparkle
Now without a title and married to a man who has no job what lies in store for Ms. Markle?
She loved the lack of free speech in England and ability to with litigation ravage the press
Now it appears that under Kaepernick like influence by another leftist Harry wants to free speech  here suppress
On a program given his lack of understanding of our First misnamed “Armchair Expert”
Harry who is clueless on the First weighed in with this pompous blurt
That what he understands of it “it is bonkers”
In the King’s English he means “mentally deranged“ which illness we must try to conquer
With leftist and High Teck Social Media Giants our right to free speech is under savage attack
Any books, speeches and thoughts that conflict with the left they demand we retract
On his marriage to Ms. Markle the best we wish for ex-Prince Harry
But with this advice on our First he should find a shovel and into the ground it bury
© May 17, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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