Thursday, May 20, 2021

Tlaib and MSM DNC Lackeys Stoke Flames of Anti-Semitism


The images of the cartoon reveals anti-Semitism runs deep
The left cannot handle fact that Jews no longer accept being slaughtered like sheep
Rashida and the MSM lackey jackass
Exude hate from their pores that will not ebb or pass
The cartoonist may on Rashida artistically gone over the top
Showing her rolls of flab that over her waistline flop
But the hate in her eyes should in every Jew send a chill
This anti-Semite will not rest until all Israelis the Palestinians kill
And the Jackass lackey of the Blues cannot restrain its glee
Not bothered one wit with Hamas rocket launching spree
Thank God for the U.S. funded Iron Dome
That is destroying 90+ percent of Hamas rockets before they strike home
That AOC in her corrupt biased anti-Israeli mind so full of flaws
Not drawn in cartoon but wants U.S. to for funding on it and other arms withdraw
Before you shed a tear for Hamas with its new ally BLM
Shed tears for the Palestinians as their Human Dome to strikes of Israeli bombs try to stem
For Progressive Blues they are coming out of the anti-Semite closet to vent their wrath
Hoping against all hope with their venom they can trigger another Holocaust path

© May 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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