Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Root Cause of Illegal Surge Is Not Violence Poverty or Climate But Not Requiring Asylum to Be Sought in Home Country


The DHS in a flight from reality falsely claims that our border is closed
The videos showing thousands wading through the river such lies shows
There are over 8 billion people of this Earth many of whom live in poverty or on its edge
Where each day is a daily life and death struggle to get enough to eat and widen the survival ledge
No matter how rich this nation is we cannot millions upon millions of poverty stricken take in
Our standard of living will be adversely affected and our prosperity will be dumped into a trash bin
It is a sad fact but a country’s prosperity is like the lifeboat from a sunken ship
No matter how many people in the water are swimming to it if then overloaded it will sink of flip
We are now being asked to solve the “root causes” of the illegal migrations to cross our borders
Violence, climate change, and poverty not sure of the weight of the order
We have already waged a War of Poverty under the urgings of LBJ
Despite the billions spent in our inner cities poverty rates above 11% seemed here to stay
The Northern Triangle of three nations looks to the North as the remittance piggy bank
Billions of dollars remitted by migrants back home to augment welfare programs in the tank
Whatever money we sent would face the diluting effects of local corruption
And would take years before living standards increased to cause flood of illegals disruption
Violence in places like Guatemala is real where armed felons control too many streets
Sadly the same fate in our Blue run cities where persons of color death by shootings of color they often meet.
Raising standards of living and damping violence in the Northern Triangle is a worthy long term goal
But in the here and now a secure border immune to false amnesty claims must play a higher role
Asylum must be sought in our embassies and consulates in an asylum seekers home nation
If not granted or if not sought there and the person tries to enter and is caught deportation without hesitation
© 5/12/21 The Alaskanpoet

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