Thursday, May 13, 2021

Tomorrow Will Be 73rd Anniversary of Israel's Founding Time to Figure Out How to Stop Israelis and Palestinians From Killing Each Otherae


Once again the rockets from Hamas in Gaza are launched into Israeli skies
Once again Israeli citizens are running to shelters to try not to die
Once again Israel with air launched missiles and bombs strikes back
Once again some Hamas leaders are taken out with too much collateral damage in the attacks
Once again there are innocent casualties on both sides
7 in Israel and if Hamas is to believed 100 Palestinians in Gaza have died
Worse Israeli troops are entering the Gaza Strip
Soon images of structures by tank and gunfire ripped
Zakaria frets that given Israeli military power
Palestinians then can only be heard with rockets or in the corners cower
Arabs in Israel can chose to be citizens as opposed to permanent residents
Could then all vote in elections and add to the 15 members to the Knesset now sent
If Israel were to no longer exempt Arabs from the draft and to in the military serve
Arabs would then be eligible for all benefits available to vets and more economic progress we would observer
Clashes between Jews and Arabs in Israel I believe are somewhat rare
Even with the separate but unequal cities they do not share
What if Gaza which is a financial headache became an independent Arab state?
And Arabs in Israel could either stay as equal potential draftees or chose to in Gaza relocate?
Nothing else since 1948 for lasting peace has seemed to fit the bill
Why not a try as it might just end the daily additions to the butchers’ bill?
© May 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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