Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Women Parked in Car Loaded with Drugs in Costa Mesa Prompts Call to Police and Drug Bust

 Many people do not want to be as a snitch or rat viewed
Blinders of not wanting to be involved no matter how clear the clues
Not sure what the woman in Costa Mesa was doing that sitting in a car resulted in a call
But with her parked car a loaded death wagon selling drugs like meth and fentanyl


Glad someone acted to a drug mall on our streets prevent
One less pusher of death to the Orange County quickly sent
More so than ever before we need to support our thin Blue Line
A levee of courageous men and women holding back a tidal wave of violent crime
In SLO yesterday 2 cops whose lives in leftist BLM thought must not matter
Serving a warrant were shot--1 will live and the other's family by his death will be shattered
We must never allow the PC Warriors to force us to “Blue Lives Matter” erase
While ignoring the carnage of black on black shootings which is a national disgrace
If we allow the defunding of the police to hinder their ability to protect, serve and arrest
God help us all, many of us unarmed and heading back to the violent times of the Wild, Wild West!  

© May 11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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