Monday, May 17, 2021

AOC and 33 Blues Create Perfect Storm to Destroy Our Saftety


For law abiding citizens from the Blues they are facing on their safety the “Perfect Storm”
First the leftist Progressive Blues want to “Defund the Police” as cornerstone of police reform
Second the right to defend one’s self is in their rabid crosshairs
End, hinder and restrict the 2nd to curtail on needed arms the right to bear
And now thirdly which on our safety is the third strike and they must be voted out
No longer can we target violent gang members of illegals and fast track them on a deportation route
These Progressive puppets of the inanities of AOC and the Squad
Have an agenda that for America is fatally flawed
Worse while they are well protected in voter slave  plantations
Total silence on black on black shootings as only blacks shot by police with or without arms deserve condemnation
More likely than not armed guards at their beck and  call
When in the air marshals summoned to any violence aboard stall
Time for the law abiding public whose safety these leftists could care less
To rise up as Reds, Blues and Indies and their further terms suppress
We cannot strip them of the right to live in communities with walls protected by armed guards
At least require laws imposed on us to be imposed on them and watch their outcry demanding illegal gang members be barred
© May 17, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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