Saturday, May 29, 2021

Reports Saying Amino Acid Footprint Means COVID-19 Made In a Lab


The Chinese have had over a year and a half to any work on COVID-19 conceal
It would be a miracle that any brave Chinese whistleblowers are still alive to reveal
On the origin of a virus the ease of infection and death the world would stun
The Chinese Communist Party have 24 7 tried to any WHO investigation shun
They lied the virus came from infected bats from caves hundreds of miles away
That went into a Wuhan wet market to infect before becoming meals that day
Didn’t make sense especially when the Chinese claimed from humans to humans it would not transmit
Spread like wildfire and when Trump told Chinese getting on airplanes they had to quit
Was slammed as xenophobic as Pelosi went to Chinatown to invite
All to party hearty and enjoy themselves through the night
As the pandemic grew any voices to assert the virus came from a lab
Were as right wing conspiracists were ridiculed as some in China hid to avoid being nabbed
Mention on Social Media the Wuhan Lab as the COVID-19 source
Quickly banned and censored as a matter of course
Now a report released by virologists of great renown
Casting some light on the world being snickered by these Chinese clowns
Simple finding of 4 positive amino acids in a row
Something not in nature but only in a lab like Wuhan to grow
For a president viewed as senile and with a Hunter Chinese connection without a spine
Will he rise above senility weakness and avenge the over 600,000 deaths this time?

© May 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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