Tuesday, May 25, 2021

State Department May Allow BLM Flag to Be Flown Next to American Flag at U.S. Embassies


Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement that is a fraud
Those suffering from “White Guilt” are falling over each other to  BLM laud
To shower BLM with money to go with exorbitant praise
While ignoring their violence, the burning and lootings of stores they seek to raze
To the peddlers of Woke that seek to bring this nation to its knees
Here is a wakeup call that we all need to open our eyes to be able to see
Black Lives to BLM matter not
Only if a black with or without arms is by police shot
Any life lost should matter but if you espouse the idea “All Lives Matter”
With a torrent of “You are a racist” or “You are a White Supremacist” you are battered
What is so disgusting with BLM is that real racism they ignore
The racism that hundreds of blacks daily in Blue run cities face in forms of killings and gore
Not by shootings by police which unless you are pointing or shooting back but by shootings by other blacks
Police shootings are the rarest of the rare deaths that all of us condemn and attack
BLM is driving the push to defund the police
Oblivious to the simple fact that shootings of blacks will not lessen only increase
Biden has given our Embassies the green light to fly BLM flag
Seeing it flutter next to Old Glory should make any patriot gag
Enough, enough of State Department going woke
Flying BLM flag idea should be revoked
© May 25, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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