Saturday, May 29, 2021

Patrisse Cullors Pulling Her Hand Out of BLM Cookie Jar To Become TV and Other Book Star


Patrice Cullors is no fool she knows how a fortune can be built
As a black all one has to do is raise money based on “White Guilt”
Prey on white fears of “systematic racism” and how they must atone
So easy by donations to Black Lives Matter to with the platform buy almost $4 million of new homes
It is almost like the sale of indulgences déjà vu
A donation check and absolved of racist guilt one might rue
Then use the BLM platform to ink a  lucrative TV gig
And another book deal while urging the frying of pigs
This Marxist has Marx’s warning to capitalists read
Selling white guilt rather than rope but wanting them dead
The hypocrisy of ignoring true racism in the black on black shootings in Blue run cities
Victims still dead but since cops not shooters not an ounce from her of compassion or pity
Finally a slender reed of hope
From black families with relatives shot by blacks trying to cope
Some mothers of dead victims are against Cullors their anger vent
She and her BLM have done nothing to murders of their loved ones prevent
Better yet Patrisse Cullors is cashing in her ill-gotten chips
She can’t take scandal home buying heat and from BLM is jumping ship
Worse she and the BLM have blood on their hands for the call to “Defund the Police”
As rising murder rates soar proving cutting cops means deaths of blacks are not less but increase

© May 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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