Thursday, May 20, 2021

Cuomo Dismisses Reporter's Question on His $5 Million Book Deal As Stupid


The arrogance of Andrew Cuomo defies all belief
A narcissist who pocketed an Emmy and $5 million oblivious to families’ grief
Cuomo’s order sent COVID-19 patients to nursing homes to infect
Vulnerable residents with immune systems too weak to the virus reject
They died like flies, stacked in refrigerated trucks because the morgues were filled
Worse Cuomo lied about the numbers to conceal his role in padding the butcher’s bill
He arrogantly dismissed a reporter’s question on his $5 million deal
While the grieving relatives of the dead seniors are still trying to heal
“That’s stupid” “Next question” and the reporter dismissed as an inane fool
Cuomo cannot comprehend the agony of the residents’ deaths in a manner isolated and cruel
Sadly, what is really stupid is that he has not resigned or been impeached
Nor has by James, the New York AG, has a decision to indict Cuomo been reached
She has been too obsessed with her anti-Trump criminal witch hunt
To throw the book at Cuomo for his criminal death numbers concealment stunt
As long as awards for stupid are being passed out
Add the idiots who awarded him an Emmy for his management of CV while his nursing home residents were losing their CV bouts
Add also the publishers who paid $5 million to this egotistical hack
That due to pathetic sales will get only a fraction of the advance back
Cuomo and DeBlasio two pathetic bookend failures, total jokes
So bad that probably not even supported by their progressive Blue Wokes

© May 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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