Saturday, May 15, 2021

Brooklyn Center Will Now Have Unarmed Traffic Cops Making Traffic Stop--Where Will They Find Them


Brooklyn Center the scene of a shooting by an officer by mistake
Thought gun was a taser and the black victim’s life she never wanted to take
Has decided that armed police should no longer make traffic stops
Instead of armed officers unarmed traffic safety cops
How many times each year have we seen a traffic stop believed to be routine?
Then because the driver had a warrant or drugs or guns turned into a bloody scene?
Far too many times and more often than a cop shooting of an unarmed black
Where is Brooklyn Center going to find persons dumb enough to risk their lives when a stop may turn into a deadly attack?
My guess is that the number will be very few
As across the nation more are daily fleeing from wearing blue
Traffic stops for speeding, DUI, reckless driving to name a few save lives
Making the highways safer giving the rest of us a better chance to survive
More black lives would be saved if tasers were all yellow and if removed from the holster made a sound
More training in their use and there would be almost no mistakes putting the unarmed 6 feet into the ground
Wonder if the unarmed traffic cop knowing there is a warrant or DUI will give chase
Run any risk it will mean his or her life may be erased
© May 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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