Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Trump Banned But Facebook Sells Ads to Smugglers to Get More Illegals to Smuggle Across Border


When the colonies tweeked the tail of the English Lion and broke free
A simpler time that advances in communications no one could foresee
The biggest fear was of an all-powerful central government ruling the states
Constitution with Bill of Rights to enhance freedoms and central control abate
Freedom of speech and with it the need for a free press
Which often advocated policies but fought to its last ink of being suppressed
No internet, no robo calls, no Google, Twitter or Facebook
But instead of the free speech path, censorship is the path Big Tech took
We now have censorship not by government which our Founding Fathers feared
But large high tech companies with billions who want conservative thought to disappear
Banned from social media in today’s age is like a person who does not exist
Isolated from communicating and rendered impotent by a Tech Curtain censorship heavy mist
Facebook in its quest to stifle conservative thought has Trump permanently banned
Yet this paragon of algorithms is selling ads to cartels smuggling illegals in a flood into this land
With a near one party Blue rule save on the court in the Swamp
Emboldened Big Tech with funds into state elections for Blues ready to romp
Reds who still control states must treat social media like a utility and provide service to all
Only if the poster is advocating violence or criminal behavior can that person’s access be hindered or stalled
Cut down on their advertising revenue by requiring market data without permission cannot be gathered then sold
State AG’s must aggressively file actions to rob them of their monopolistic hold
May be a pipedream but the only lasting way to rid ourselves of this assault of free speech curse
Is to like BLM and leftist groups boycott companies that advertise on Facebook and Twitter by closing their purse.
© May 5, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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