Sunday, May 23, 2021

Tishura Jopnes of St. Louis with Highest Murder Rate in Wants to Foolishly Cut Police Budget and Vacancies


St. Louis with Tishaura Jones  has its first black female mayor
Who looks like Mayor Lightfoot’s distinction she wants to share
Chicago is ground zero for gunshot murders to lead the nation
Mayor Lightfoot is clueless and from her police department merits a vote of condemnation
St. Louis has less than 12% of Chicago’s residents
But when it comes to gunshot murders it exceeds Chicago on per capita events
73 murders in St. Louis to date have taken place
Compared to 232 in Chicago whose lives have too early put to waste
Both cities share lousy murder solving case rates
Both over 95 percent of shootings are color on color to predominate
In a time of pandemic induced reductions in revenue from taxes
Her budget involves only a $38 million police vacancies facing budget axes
St. Louis has a murder rate that leads the nation, its highest in 50 years
100 police jobs vacant as officers retiring or fed up have quit and from the streets disappeared
A $4 million cut in police budget and 100 vacancies cut proposed by Mayor Jones
Not exactly what black residents would want living in killing zones
The face of “progressive criminal reform” turns a blind eye to killing of blacks by blacks
Claiming inanely that more police don’t protect residents from attacks
Lightfoot despite her failings has not joined the movement to defund the police
Smart enough to know less cops and shootings and murder will increase
Budget deficit due to pandemic forced a small percentage police budget cut
But at least Lightfoot is not wallowing in deepening the defund the police rut

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