Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Chickens of Energy Lack and Mental Failings Coming Home to Roost in Multiple Crisises


As Biden faces a cascade of new domestic and foreign policy nightmares
The chickens are coming to roost when we let him stay in his basement lair
Not on the campaign trail day by day and from voters being able to hide
The voters were prevented from gauging his lack of energy and mental decline slide
We have been facing an unprecedented surge of illegals driving his head into the sand
Claiming the border is not a crisis oblivious to the damage thousands of illegals are bringing to this land
His 25th Amendment successor in waiting appointed for the border but wants no part of the task
Helped by the MSM who are on a mission to Biden’s mental failings to continue to mask
While his DOJ seems hot to trot to uncover white domestic imagined terrorists
In case of Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack Biden seems clueless to the dangers to our fuel infrastructure that exist
His COVID-19’s Czar’s flip flops and confusing guidance have become a disgrace
New data suggesting he was involved in allowing the Wuhan Lab virus work in the first place
He remains clueless that the economy trying to roar back and hire
Is handcuffed by incentives not to work that Biden has expanded did not let expire
Worse on the horizon the clouds of inflation are gathering in hurricane force to come our way
With his trillions in stimulus misnamed building infrastructure which we cannot pay
Lying to the nation that the 1 percent and corporations will the costs be able to bear
How much more of this puppet of the hidden progressive handlers must we endure in despair?

© May 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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