Monday, May 24, 2021

No Surprise Squad's War Criminal Attacks on Israel Mean Attacks on Jews Should bring No Surprise!


The Squad although small in number and ideas weak seems to have the MSM ear
Watching Pelosi and Biden reshape their agenda it seems the Squad they fear
On Biden this small leftist anti-Semitic band’s influence seems to be sweeping this land
With Ilhan Omar crying out that Israel is a war criminal the rise in attacks on Jews is easy to understand
When a Rashida Tlaib whose relatives in Palestine still live
There’s no way collateral damage in Israeli self-defense can she forgive
Finally after Biden found at last a semblance of his spine
The Squad with meek condemnation of Hamas rocket attacks fell halfheartedly in line
The anti-U.S. and anti-Israeli venom that exudes from the Squad’s pores
Makes us wonder what next anti-Semitic hate crime will occur next door
Amer Zahr, a Tlaib ally and Sanders surrogate, is already beating the anti-Israel drums
Demanding that complaining against anti-Semitic attacks is behavior that must be shunned
And our friends at BLM whose grasp of history must have faded away
Or ignorant of the Jews’ role in fighting Jim Crow to discrimination against blacks allay
They stand with the Palestinians as brothers in arms
Two Marxist peas in a pod to unleash upon us great harm
And while today Hamas rockets are not trying avoid Iron Dome on their deadly trips
We are stuck with a frail, tottering Biden looking more and more like being lost in dementia’s grip

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