Monday, May 17, 2021

Lemon Changing the Name of His Show Is Still a Lemon No One In Their Right Mind Would Watch


A car salesman can throw in floor mats, undercoats and maybe a tinted windshield But if the car is a lemon its weakness and failings cannot be concealed
It will barely make it of the car dealer’s lot
To break down and leave the buyer outraged over what he has just bought
On TV the same disgust for lemons holds true measured by ratings drop
Like not driving a lemon fearful for the umpteenth time will be heading back to the shop
Sadly a mechanic might be able to repair a transmission that before its time failed
But fake news by commission or omission it’s better to click the channel changer and bail
When it comes to bias aptly named Lemon nightly reeks
His objectivity nonexistent and his “journalism” skills far too weak
With his ratings at CNN falling like a stone his bias he can thank
We wonder when CNN will pull the plug as if he were a golfer no drives only shanks
Advice to Lemon which he would do well to heed
Changing the name of your show and not bias and you will still go to seed
He is so oblivious to the failings of his over the top leftist bias
As he intones his editorials disguised as news in tones so pious
He is beyond any salvation and CNN would do well to him with a true journalist replace
Urge him to fade away into oblivion leaving nary a worth saving trace

© May 17, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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