Saturday, May 1, 2021

Crucifixion on the Cross of Tiffany


If Bryant were alive today to make a “Cross of Gold” Speech
To warn against a Cross of Crucifixion to Americans reach
He would intone “You cannot on a Cross of Tiffany  black Americans crucify”
Hopefully he would be outraged by her racist ad hominem attacks on Scott to vilify
For this biased leftist black, you can’t be black and support the ideas of Reds
It means one’s brain is empty and less functional than even Biden’s or totally brain dead
Her inane rants like Scott would be one who Tubman left behind  make for her base great sound bites
But at a time more than ever we face widening schisms they do nothing for this nation to unite
Her rants drew praise from her MSNBC colleague Joy Reid
Who like Cross no one with an objective brain would ever heed
Sadly Cross does not have an excuse of atoning to White Guilt
No she’s black trying 24/7 to destroy history of what all races here have built
Whereas we know about Scott’s growing up with a single mom in near poverty
We know nothing about Cross’ parents or early life or any economic disparity
Not sure what her parents thought when they gave her Tiffany as her name
She’s not a FL or even I3 diamond clouded with bias only a cheap costume jewel that Tiffany’s would never acclaim

© May 1, 2021 The Alaskanpoet


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